Anthony Scaramucci's memoir is already here, and oh yeah, we have excerpts


Anthony Scaramucci got fired as he lived: rapidly and with no purpose.

The former White House communications director is already back in the dust after having crawled out of it for 10 glorious days in our lives, days marked by chaos and glory and favorable Joe Paterno quotes. In a White House that thrives that weekly purges, Scaramucci was one of the weakest and easiest to kill: but his story will live on.

We’ve got his memoir to prove it.

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A leaker who somehow survived Scaramucci’s planned mass killings delivered me this envelope with the words “TOP SECRET!!!” written on it in very serious black ink. We cannot prove the document’s authenticity but find the three exclamation points and use of caps lock to be very convincing.  Read more…

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