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Introducing Test Kit

We’re excited to announce the release of Test Kit, our latest feature that makes email marketing even easier. Test Kit allows VerticalResponse users to preview emails before they’re sent, ensuring that messages display and perform properly across email clients, devices and browsers. Never guess about an email campaign again — Test Kit lets you hit Send with confidence. 

What is Test Kit?

An email that looks great in one inbox may be a distorted mess with broken links and images in another. This is because emails can render differently across programs and devices. While many marketers will wisely send a test email to their own accounts before sending campaigns to their entire list, more thorough testing is crucial to confirm that emails look their best in every inbox.

To give users a comprehensive view of the way emails are rendering and to help catch any mistakes before messages are sent, VerticalResponse’s Test Kit features three different types of tests: Inbox Preview, Subject Line Preview and Link Checker.

Inbox Preview

Your subscribers open their emails using different programs, browsers and devices. Inbox Preview allows you to see your email just as your subscribers would with real screenshots. Just one click will run the test across 58 of the most popular email clients, devices and browsers, including iPhone, Gmail, Yahoo, Chrome and Safari.

Subject Line Preview

Subject line character limits differ by browser and device. To ensure that the enticing copy you’ve composed for your subject line is read in full, you need to make sure that it doesn’t exceed the maximum display length.

Subject Line preview shows you a list of mail clients and the maximum number of characters that will be displayed for each. This preview grays out any letters that won’t be visible, so you can adjust your subject lines if necessary.

Link Checker

An incorrect, broken or forgotten link in an email isn’t just embarrassing — it’s a missed conversion opportunity. Link Checker automatically checks all links in your email so you never send an email with a broken link again. The Link column will list all the links in the email. Just click on a link and the page will appear within the VerticalResponse app.

Why use Test Kit?

Improve campaign performance. After reviewing your email, use what you’ve learned to improve the message’s appearance and readability, so you can drive readers to take the action you want.

Increase credibility. Sending a slick-looking email with a powerful subject line and working links tells readers that you’re a serious, professional organization.

Update efficiently. Test Kit is part of the email editor, so you can see test results in a matter of seconds. Inspect your emails before you hit the send button, and then quickly and easily update your email designs based on the test results.

How Test Kit works

Test Kit operates on credits. To use the feature, you pay one credit per test. Pro plan users automatically receive credits. Free or Basic plan users can purchase credits as desired.

Access Test Kit within the email editor by clicking on the “Preview” button on top of the message. “Test Kit” is one of the drop-down options.

You shouldn’t have to guess how your emails will appear to your subscribers or cross your fingers and hope for the best before you hit send. Test Kit makes it possible for you to build better emails and create campaigns that look exactly the way you want them to. 

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Think big for Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday falls on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and it’s the perfect hook for your small business marketing efforts. Here’s everything you need to know about it, and how your business can participate.

What is Small Business Saturday?

American Express launched the first Small Business Saturday in 2010 to create buzz and demand for local businesses, and to recognize the benefits they bring to their communities. National retailers may own Black Friday, and the online giants may claim Cyber Monday; but in only a few years, Small Business Saturday has become a beloved, wildly successful retail tradition in its own right. It’s been fully embraced by the Small Business Administration, the federal government and elected officials in every state. This year, Small Business Saturday falls on November 25.

Why should you participate?

For a tradition less than a decade old, Small Business Saturday has been an enormous success for local restaurants and businesses. In 2015, more than 95 million customers took advantage of the day, to the tune of $ 16.2 billion spent at local businesses in their communities — an increase of 8 percent over the previous year. In 2016, the numbers were even greater: 112 million customers reported shopping and dining at small businesses on Small Business Saturday, marking a 13 percent increase over 2015. Spending dipped slightly to a “mere” $ 15.4 billion, but an astonishing 72 percent of consumers indicated they were familiar with the day itself. With ever-increasing awareness and small business participation, Small Business Saturday 2017 promises to exceed all expectations.

How do you get started with Small Business Saturday?

Getting involved in Small Business Saturday isn’t difficult. The first step is deciding how your business will recognize the day. That is, what will entice your audience to spend time (and money) with you?

Here are a just a few ideas for Small Business Saturday events and promotions:

  • Specially priced merchandise, appetizers, drinks or desserts
  • A coupon or discount for every customer
  • Free refreshments for store visitors
  • Matched donations to a local charity
  • A free gift with certain purchases
  • A contest or raffle
  • A limited-time-only item or entree
  • A sidewalk sale (weather permitting)
  • Personalized shopping service
  • Free shipping or gift wrapping
  • Extended hours

Even if your business doesn’t hold a special event or promotion, you can still remind your customers via email and social media to “Shop Small” and “Dine Small” on November 25. To make doing so even easier, American Express provides free Small Business Saturday logos and graphics. You can also opt to be a Small Business Champion for your community; here’s more information on what that entails.

Shop Small badge for small business saturday Shop small badge in a heart, for small business saturday

How should you market Small Business Saturday?

Email is our favorite method, of course! Not to mention it’s one of the most effective ways to get your customers’ attention, even when they’re on the go.

Follow these steps to create buzz for your own Small Business Saturday festivities:

  1. Send your first Small Business Saturday email about two weeks ahead of time. Friendly and informative emails work best. This is your initial opportunity to let your audience know that you’re celebrating Small Business Saturday, and to create awareness for those customers who aren’t familiar with it.
  2. Send a reminder email in the early part of Thanksgiving week. Travel, cooking and family time create a blur of activity this week, so plan to send the reminder before Tuesday at the latest.
  3. Send a second reminder on Black Friday, or even very early on Small Business Saturday itself. This is particularly important if your business isn’t typically open on Saturdays.
  4. Thank your customers after the fact! Send one last email to everyone who helped make Small Business Saturday a success. If you raised money for a charity, this is the perfect time to let your contributors know how much money was raised. Thank you emails are a personalized touch that connects with your customers and keeps them coming back — the kind of benefit only a small business can provide.

Join Us and #shopsmall banner ad

Small Business Saturday email inspiration

Here are some subject lines you can personalize for your own Small Business Saturday campaigns:

  • Think big, shop small!
  • Kids eat free on Small Business Saturday
  • Caring for our community on Small Business Saturday
  • We’re open late on Small Business Saturday
  • Beat the Black Friday hangover by shopping small on Saturday!
  • Save Big on Small Biz Sat
  • Thank you for helping make a difference in our community

Here are some email examples we created for Small Business Saturday inspiration in 2016. Let them motivate you…or encourage you to do even better. (Just don’t forget that this year, Small Business Saturday falls on November 25, not the 26th!)

Discounts for shopping small email ad


Free Fashion Consult for shopping small business saturday


Thank you email with a coupon for small business saturday

Let’s not forget social media

While you’re sending your Small Business Saturday emails, remember to post regularly about the day across all your social accounts. Use hashtags such as #ShopSmall, #DineSmall, #SmallBusinessSaturday and #SmallBizSat to make your posts searchable.

With just a little bit of planning, it’s easy to take advantage of the publicity and excitement surrounding Small Business Saturday.

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Editor’s note: This post was originally published in October 2016. It has been revised and updated for accuracy and relevance.

© 2017, John Habib. All rights reserved.

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4 tips to beat back email burnout

There’s no denying that email marketing is an efficient way to drive business, but maintaining a steady flow of fresh content can be a challenge.

On the one hand, you don’t want to inundate your readers with so many messages that they unsubscribe. On the other hand, it’s incredibly valuable to sustain digital communications that keep you top-of-mind with past, current and potential clientele.

The key is to keep your email content compelling and original. If you have email marketing writer’s block, here are four quick tips that will help jump-start your efforts.

1. Empathize with your audience

As you start crafting an email message, put yourself in the shoes of your desired customer base. If you were one of the many subscribers receiving this message, what would you like to see? What would encourage you to open the email, and more importantly, act on it? 

There is some give-and-take at play here as well. You want to deliver content your customers will act on, but you also want to remain true to your brand’s voice and positioning. Don’t let the desire for opens and clicks tempt you to write something that is out of character for your business, or you’ll risk confusing your audience.

2. Make it personal

Of the hundreds of emails most of us receive on a daily basis, how many are actually opened and read from start to finish? Considering most email clients automatically divert messages away from recipients’ inboxes, the percentage is relatively small.

That said, the emails we’re most likely to open and read are from people we know. These messages are written in a very personal way, rather than as a large company addressing a nameless, faceless customer.

No matter what you communicate in your emails, write them as if you’re sending them to a single person, even if there are hundreds or thousands of recipients on your subscriber list. Assuming you’ve already imagined what your customers want to hear from you, writing as if you’re sending to a single recipient will further guide your content as you start tapping at the keyboard.

3. Use numbers

People love numbers. Offering readers a numbered list is a proven attention-grabber. This technique is most often used in “listicle”-style stories popularized by websites like BuzzFeed.

If the subject line of your email reads, “5 Things to Know Right Now About Your Health,” it’s much more likely to get opened than one with a subject line reading, “Get To Know Your Health.”

There is something about numbers in a news headline that makes audiences feel they’re about to read a quick-hitting story that can be consumed in no time. That same principle can be applied to email subject lines for great effect.

4. Keep it short and simple

Driving potential customers to open an email is one thing, and getting them to act on it is another. A great subject line can cause your open rates to skyrocket. That means you need body copy to match it. Avoid ultra-long body content in emails, which is more likely to induce eye rolls than produce clicks.

Come up with a catchy opening to your email, get to the heart of your message, and then get out. Don’t overthink it. Audiences appreciate emails that are short and simple because it shows how much you appreciate their time.

When writer’s block strikes, get your creative juices flowing again by remembering to empathize with your readers, talk on a personal level, offer some interesting numbers if appropriate, and above all keep it simple! Or if you’re simply too short on time, let Pro+ Full-Service Email Marketing handle the entire email marketing process for you.

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Create holiday landing pages that’ll sleigh ’em

Your logo is sporting a holiday twist. Shoppers are searching from their smartphones for gift ideas and store hours now that you’ve made your website mobile-responsive. And you’ve even added a variety of fall and winter creative assets to your email marketing campaigns. You must be ready, right?

Give yourself a pat on the back, and then be sure you’re getting an extra-big piece of the nearly $ 7 billion holiday pie by incorporating landing pages into your holiday marketing strategy. Never used a landing page before? Here’s what you should know:

What is a landing page?

You can “land” on pretty much any webpage, but that doesn’t mean every page is a landing page. A landing page is a standalone webpage that has one main objective. Typically, the page is designed to provide just enough information to entice a visitor to click through to another page, where hopefully a purchase gets made. In other cases, the landing page serves to capture visitors’ information, such as names and email addresses, which can later be used for marketing purposes.

Why have a landing page?

Landing pages help your visitors focus on one particular action or offer instead of being distracted by other information on your website. They’re an efficient way to convert a prospect into a lead or customer. Whether landing page visitors are signing up for a free download, responding to an invitation, clicking to the next page to make a purchase or subscribing to your newsletter or blog, they’re taking the one action you want them to take.

During the holidays, ensure your landing pages cater to the expectations of holiday shoppers. That doesn’t simply mean adding snowflakes and winter themes, although seasonalizing your landing pages and the rest of your website is important. We mean creating landing pages that directly contribute to a successful holiday season for your business.

What should be on your landing page?

Once you determine the goal of your landing page, follow these guidelines:

Create a sense of urgency

Landing pages should stress the importance of time. If the rest of your advertising reminds shoppers about year-end deals and flash sales, the links in that advertising should lead to landing pages reinforcing that urgency. Fortunately, one-day holiday traditions such as Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday come with their own urgency built in, and are excellent events to hook promotions on.

Use powerful headlines and crisp images

The promotion, special or event you’ve built the landing page around should be the first thing your visitors see when they arrive. Let the promotion speak for itself. Focus on one or two specials per landing page instead of cramming all your holiday deals into the same one. Avoid superlatives such as “epic,” “unique” and “best” because people simply tune them out. What they won’t ignore is straightforward language about discounts, low prices and deals they can’t get anywhere else. Compelling, quick-loading photos help say what words can’t.

Similar guidelines apply for pages aimed at collecting visitor information or non-purchase calls to action. Clearly explain the benefit of signing up for your list; what will people receive in exchange for giving up information about themselves? Exclusive discounts and early notice of upcoming promotions? Premium content such as a white paper or ebook to download? Membership in a rewards program? Make the benefits of signing up obvious, so visitors feel it’s a no-brainer to submit their information.

Have a clear call to action

Make it easy for visitors to convert to customers. Tell them exactly what you want them to do. Eliminate distractions, and limit the number of options or decisions the visitor has to make. For example, if you want visitors to sign up for a free trial, add a prominent button that says “Sign up for a free trial now.” Position your call to action near the top of the page so visitors can take advantage of it immediately.

Stay relevant

Visitors want to see messaging relevant to what they’re looking for. Make sure the landing page delivers the offer or information promised by the link that took them there. If a visitor comes to your landing page and sees something unexpected, they’ll bounce off your website.

Present other useful information, but don’t let it distract

Offer the information customers need on your landing pages. That includes additional details about the promotion in question, a reminder of your holiday hours of operations or links to relevant sections of your website. This information should be below the promotion and call to action, and it shouldn’t distract from them.

Optimize your landing pages for mobile

Smartphone and tablet shopping increases every year, so it’s important for your landing pages to be mobile-responsive. Each landing page should have a short, attention-grabbing headline, an eye-catching image, and a bold, clear call to action. Make sure the landing page doesn’t have too much copy, or it will be hard to read on a mobile device. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to make a quick purchase on your phone, only to be stuck scrolling down the page for too long.

Continue to test and evaluate

After you’ve created your landing page, it’s time to put it to the test. Are you seeing the results you want? If not, switch things up and try another strategy. Of course, not every tip will work for every business. For the best results, tailor your landing page to your customers’ needs.

Using landing pages on VerticalResponse

For users of VerticalResponse, creating landing pages is fast and easy. Simply log into the app, and select “Landing Pages” under Contacts. Choose whether to start a new Landing Page from scratch, or use one of the attractive, customizable templates.

Build your VerticalResponse Landing Page with the same easy-to-use editor you’re already familiar with from creating emails. You can change colors and typefaces, add and remove elements, and incorporate different functionality. Once the Landing Page looks and performs the way you want, create a URL for it. You can even use your company domain name in the URL, so the Landing Page appears as part of your existing website. Publish it, and your Landing Page is now live!

Send traffic to your new Landing Page with email campaigns and social posts that tease your event or promotion. Or use the Landing Page to collect contact or demographic information about your visitors, so you’re better able to segment them into email lists. Visitor information you collect on your VerticalResponse Landing Page will flow automatically into your contact lists.

Above all, let your holiday landing pages be welcoming places for your web visitors to convert to customers.

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Partner with VerticalResponse to bring email marketing to your clients

Is your company a reseller looking to add email marketing to the suite of services you offer your clients or affiliates? Partner with VerticalResponse to give your customers our industry-leading email platform, branded to look like your business. 

Multiple routes to revenue

By partnering with VerticalResponse, you have two ways to generate additional revenue:

  1. Expand your product offering to your clients with a co-branded version of the VerticalResponse app, and let them manage their own email marketing. 
  2. Professionally manage your clients’ email marketing for them using the VerticalResponse app.  

When you partner with VerticalResponse, our interface can be customized with your logo, colors, contact information and pricing.

Features for your convenience — and your clients’

Partnering with VerticalResponse is an easy and convenient solution for you and your clients:

  • Manage multiple client accounts — from one to hundreds — using one interface and one login.
  • See individual or group reports of clients’ campaign performance.
  • Quickly share reports with clients.
  • Receive live customer support. You also have the option to set yourself up as the first-level support for your clients, keeping a direct relationship with your customer.

Get all the great benefits of VerticalResponse

You and your clients enjoy all the features of VerticalResponse you already rely on:

  • An easy-to-use email editor with professionally designed templates, including coupons, invitations, announcements, newsletters and more. 
  • No design or coding skills necessary to use the app.
  • Real-time reporting on a variety of key email metrics.

Learn more about the benefits of partnering with VerticalResponse at this page. Or call (866) 683-7842, option 2, to start your partnership today.  

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Send holiday emails readers can’t wait to open

The holidays are right around the corner, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to start planning your seasonal email campaigns. Already have your holiday planning underway? Great! A little more seasonal inspiration never hurts. That’s why we’ve created our Guide to Holiday Email Marketing. This free eBook is an invaluable resource during this most hectic season of the year. Download it today for practical tips and useful advice to help you put your holiday campaigns in motion or keep them running smoothly: 

How to plan your campaigns

Get tips on goal-setting, reviewing past campaigns’ data, cross-promoting your products and services, and including your team in the holiday campaign excitement.

How to establish timelines that work for you

Determine the tools and resources at your disposal, and how you’ll put them to work for you. Which holidays or events will you use to promote your business? How often will you email your readers? How will you divide the work?  

How to create your emails

The holiday season isn’t just hectic for businesses — consumers are bombarded with marketing materials every hour of the day. The care you take in crafting your emails helps you stand out from the rest of the pack. Get tips on personalization, calls to action, subject lines, graphics, when to send campaigns and more.

How to measure success

If an email campaign performs spectacularly but no one’s around to measure it, is it still a success? Tracking the results of your holiday campaigns is the final step in an effective seasonal plan. See what works and what needs improvement. If you track your campaigns as you send them, you can make adjustments as you go. You’ll also collect valuable data to refer to next year. 

The holidays are approaching fast. Download this free guide before it’s too late.

Download the guide

Seasonalize your emails with our FREE Guide to Holiday Email Marketing.

Get the eBook

Editor’s note: This blog was originally published in September 2014 and has been revised and updated for accuracy and relevance.

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An email feast: 40 Thanksgiving subject lines your customers will gobble up

Even before trick-or-treaters started knocking on your door, retailers were hanging up their stockings and began playing holiday jingles. The December holidays seem to start in early October. And if you feel like you’re missing something, it’s because you are: Thanksgiving!

Between Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday and Giving Tuesday, Thanksgiving can often be overlooked. After all, your customers are likely too busy feasting, watching football and slipping into tryptophan-induced food comas to shop, right? Well, not exactly. Your customers might be house-bound, but in 2016, consumers spent $ 1.93 billion online on Thanksgiving Day, an 11.5 percent increase year-over-year.

We know you have a full plate, but if you want a slice of that pumpkin-spiced revenue pie, you need to remind your subscribers what your business has to offer this holiday season. We collected some of our favorite email subject lines to send before and during Thanksgiving.

  1. Your Holiday Shopping Is On Us! — Dwell
  2. Thank you for being a friend — Nordstrom
  3. Thanksgiving prep made easy: 20% off your order – in stores & online. — Pottery Barn
  4. 40% off with a cranberry on top. — American Eagle
  5. Harvest decor. Thanksgiving prep now, pie later — Wayfair
  6. Live the give — TOMS
  7. Happy Thanksgiving + Black Friday Preview! — GrubMarket
  8. A sale so good, you’ll want seconds. —
  9. Giving Thanks — Move Loot
  10. These are the Tools You’ll Need For Thanksgiving — Get Them Now — Martha Stewart
  11. Happy Thanksgiving! Special Savings Inside Just for You — Williams-Sonoma
  12. So are you pre- or post-food coma??? — Dormify
  13. Enjoy 40% Off: A Happy Thanksgiving, Indeed — Barneys New York
  14. What to wear to your #Friendsgiving – Brooks Brothers
  15. Happy Turkey Day! The BIGGEST Black Friday doorbusters start NOW online — Old Navy
  16. Pre-Black Friday Deals … Just for you. — XOXO
  17. Your Holiday Parties Need These Festive Cocktails —
  18. From Us To You: Happy Thanksgiving! Plus: Enjoy 20% Savings — LivingSocial
  19. Start A New Thanksgiving Traditions + A Home for the #PAWLIDAYS — Zappos
  20. Yappy Thanksgiving Eve! — Barkbox
  21. The perfect Thanksgiving outfit — LOFT
  22. GOBBLE. THIS. UP. 50% off ALL Thanksgiving Essentials +$ 10 coupon — World Market
  23. The Perfect Thanksgiving: Coming to a restaurant near you — OpenTable
  24. Designing a Beautiful Thanksgiving — Homepolish
  25. This is HUGE. Shop our Thanksgiving sale. — Dillard’s
  26. Give thanks with Farmgirl Flowers — now 10% off! — Farmgirl Flowers
  27. The Best Vegetarian Thanksgiving Main — Epicurious
  28. A Different Kind of Turkey! 97-Pt Wild Turkey Master’s Keep 17 Year Straight — Wine Enthusiast
  29. Dress up your Thanksgiving table in sweet style — See’s Candies
  30. Don’t Forget To Order By Thanksgiving! — Mrs. Fields
  31. Last Change for FREE Thanksgiving Delivery! — CHEFS
  32. A Thanksgiving we’ll never forget — Anthropologie
  33. Where to Buy Your Thanksgiving Turkey — 7×7
  34. Turkeyed out? Dish up 50% off!— Vera Bradley
  35. How to stay healthy and fit this Thanksgiving — Aetna
  36. 20% off — early bird gets the sale — Jonathan Adler
  37. Thanksgiving Dinner Has Never Been Easier — Munchery
  38. Thanksgiving Eve! 40% Off EVERYTHING! — Heavenly Couture
  39. 14 Delicious Ways to Eat Thanksgiving Leftovers — The Dish from Food & Wine
  40. Happy Thanksgiving from the TCM Shop! We’re Thankful for You! — Turner Classic Movies

Bonus: 10 more subject lines

Are you stuffed from all those subject lines? We hope you saved room for dessert. Here are 10 bonus email subject lines.

  1. Tips and Ideas for a Stylish and Stress-free Thanksgiving — Bed Bath & Beyond
  2. They’re here!! Pre-Black Friday Deals to gobble up 🦃 – West Elm
  3. Early Black Friday deals are here. — Target
  4. Put your fork down – this sale is almost over! 40% Off Everything. — Bluenotes
  5. Your Thanksgiving begins here. — Hickory Farms
  6. Happy Thanksgiving! Get 3 FREE Ends Tonight — The Body Shop
  7. Thanksgiving is Thursday, Let Las Ramblas do the Cooking ­— The Hotel Contessa
  8. Everything You Need for the Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner — Calphalon
  9. Thanksgiving Stuff-a-Tote Event—Free Tote + 20% Off Everything Inside — Sur la Table
  10. It’s a Holiday Blitz! 3 Days of Must-Shop Deals — Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store

Because too much is never enough at Thanksgiving, here are even more

Thanksgiving has got us in a giving mood, which is why we’re giving you 10 more subject lines that you can personalize and use for your email marketing campaigns:

  1. Good gravy! Save 50% our most popular products
  2. OMG (Oh my gourd!) Don’t miss our big sale
  3. Feast your eyes on our biggest sale of the year
  4. A cornucopia of deals just for you
  5. Order now & don’t get stuck at the kids table
  6. Let’s talk turkey! Save 50% and you’re welcome
  7. We have a bountiful selection of deals for you
  8. No need to thank us for these exclusive deals
  9. We have cooked up some tasty deals
  10. Don’t be a turkey – get these deals now

Whether you’re offering a promotion, ramping up for the retail weekend or just saying “Thank you,” Thanksgiving emails are a great opportunity to connect with your customers and celebrate the season.

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Editor’s note: This post was originally published in November 2016 and has been updated for accuracy and relevance.

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Enhance your email marketing with print marketing

If you’re looking to connect with customers and share important information, email marketing is great. But you know what’s better? Combining email marketing and print marketing. Email and print marketing are like peanut butter and jelly, peanut butter and chocolate, or just about anything with peanut butter. You don’t have to choose between them because the two can — and should — work together. When joined, email and print marketing can expand your email list, increase brand awareness and grow your business.

That’s why online companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft use print marketing. And if it’s good enough for those big guys, it’s good enough for your business, right?

There are four major benefits to using print marketing to enhance your email marketing:

1. It’s easy to reach your target audience

Print marketing allows you to focus on your specific audience with direct mail or placement, which increases your chances of earning email subscribers and making sales. 

2. Print marketing is tangible

Print marketing is physical — your prospects can touch it and feel it. Your potential customers can hold on to your printed piece to refer back to it, unlike a social media ad that disappears from your feed (and your mind) within minutes.

3. It’s the original mobile ad

Whether it’s a sticker, brochure, business card or coaster, your printed piece isn’t limited to a computer screen. You can place your print marketing wherever your target audience is.

4. There’s less competition

When a potential customer holds your printed piece, they are interacting with your message, your ad, your offer. When a potential customer is online, he or she faces a ton of distractions and a variety of ads from your competitors on the same page.

Products to pair with email

So which print products are the best for enhancing your email marketing program? The following printed pieces are terrific ways to encourage email sign-ups and boost sales for your business:


Mailboxes are less crowded than inboxes. Postcards are one of the most affordable ways to promote your business, product or event. Using direct-mail postcards is an effective way to share a special offer with your mailing list. You can also use EDDM postcards, which will deliver your message to every door in a specific neighborhood. You can push prospects to visit your website or designated landing page, where you can encourage them to use a coupon code and collect their information, including their name and email address, and — of course — opting them in to your subscriber list.


Stickers can boldly go where other print marketing can’t, and they’re practically guaranteed to get noticed. You can affix a sticker to almost any surface, so seek out unexpected places to command attention. Use an attention-getting image that features an irresistible offer and your website URL. The key to a successful sticker marketing campaign is getting your stickers out there, so stick ‘em up. Public venues, restaurants, retail shops and walls, mirrors, windows, filing cabinets, packages, bags, cars, everywhere and anywhere! Just be sure that your marketing efforts don’t break the law: Do not affix a sticker to public or private property without permission. 

Posters & flyers

If you’re looking to skip using a mailing list, but you know where your target audience hangs out (such as a bar, bus stop, park, community bulletin board in a shopping center), then you should try promoting your business, product, service or event with posters and flyers. Prominently feature your offer and call to action to drive people to your website, where they can sign up for an exclusive deal — and give you an email address while they’re at it.


Booklet marketing is a smart way to attract more qualified subscribers to your email list. A high-quality, professionally printed booklet filled with useful content and special offers establishes trust and credibility. Plus, it introduces your potential customers to your products and services. You can direct prospects to learn more on your website or unlock an exclusive offer with a promo code and their email address.

While your competitors are getting lost in the online shuffle, use print marketing to reach out to customers and get their attention — and in turn grow your email marketing program. 

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Email automation for holiday campaigns

The most wonderful time of the year is right around the corner — and for small business owners that means it’s time to start planning those seasonal email campaigns. Creating emails ahead of time can decrease the stress of the busy holidays. With Email Automation, you can create an email or email series, and then schedule the campaign to be sent at a later date. As you prepare your holiday campaign schedule, you’ll want to make sure that you send these five emails to your subscribers.

Season’s greetings

From Diwali and Thanksgiving to Hanukkah and Christmas, your customers have so much to celebrate during the fall and winter months. Let them know you wish them well, and that you’re celebrating right along with them by sending a holiday greeting.

Want to take this message to the next level? Show your subscribers how much you appreciate them with a heartfelt seasonal thank you. Everyone’s inboxes are overflowing with sales offers during this time of the year, so a message that isn’t sales-driven has a good chance of standing out — and an even better chance of helping you build a meaningful relationship with your customer base.

Make sure to tailor the content to fit the time of the season when the message is scheduled to be delivered. A greeting scheduled for the end of December, for instance, might mention what you hope to accomplish in the New Year.

Seasonalized newsletter

Are you planning a special fall or winter event? Do you have seasonal tips you’d like to share with your readers? Give your subscribers all of the details in a holiday-themed newsletter. Your newsletter lets your audience know what’s going on at your business, and during the holidays, you can use it to get your readers excited about all of the festive offerings you have in store for them. What’s more, an automated holiday newsletter is the perfect way keep your brand in customers’ minds during a time of the year that brings a boost in revenue for many businesses.

Welcome email

Quite possibly the most common type of automated message, welcome emails should be sent all year long. But if it’s been a while since you’ve updated the copy of your welcome autoresponder, the holidays are the perfect time to refresh your messaging. With so many consumers searching for gifts and seeking out seasonal services or deals, you might find yourself with a new crop of subscribers during fall and winter. Greet your newest readers with a warm message that encourages them to continue engaging with your brand. Introduce your business and tell new subscribers exactly what they can expect from your emails. And because it is the season of giving, you may even want to include an offer in the message as a gift for signing up.

Retail holiday promotions

In 2016, more than 154 million consumers went shopping on Black Friday, and email marketing drove 25.1 percent of all sales on the day. You don’t want to miss your chance to connect with consumers when they’re most receptive to your marketing messages. So get your calendar out, and make sure you have promotional emails and offers scheduled to be sent out in advance of major sales days. Black Friday (Nov. 24) and Cyber Monday (Nov. 27) are probably already on your radar, but don’t forget about Small Business Saturday (Nov. 25), Giving Tuesday (Nov. 28), Green Monday (Dec. 11) and Free Shipping Day (Dec.15).

Help for last-minute shoppers

We all know that the early bird gets the worm, but that won’t stop many consumers from waiting until the eleventh hour to start their seasonal planning. You can lend a helping hand with last-minute ideas for costumes, gifts or recipes that are scheduled to land in inboxes a few days before major holidays.

Do you ship products? If so, there’s one more way to help out procrastinators and early birds alike: Schedule a reminder email, letting readers know which day they have to place their orders to ensure on-time delivery.

Email automation is a time-effective way to engage subscribers and spread the word about your business. When the holidays are in full swing, and you’re at your busiest, having your campaigns scheduled and ready to go is bound to make your day-to-day operations merry and bright. 

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Scare up clicks with spooky subject lines

It’s nearly time to carve those jack-o’-lanterns, stock up on candy for trick-or-treaters and get your costumes ready for parties and parades. Halloween is right around the corner (with the rest of the year-end holidays). Is your email marketing ready to scare up some frightfully good sales?

In the spirit of this spooky season, here are 10 of our all-time favorite Halloween subject lines to inspire you. May your own subject lines cause readers to jump out of their skins — in their rush to open your message.

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  3. ModCloth | Curiosity ‘Thrilled’ the Cat
  4. VRBO | Find your Halloween sweet spot
  5. Fortnum & Mason | The Taste of Terror
  6. Pinterest | It’s a scream….
  7. TOPMAN | All treats no tricks
  8. California Academy of Sciences | Get Excited! SuperNatural Halloween is Around the Corner at the Academy
  9. Crate and Barrel | 🎃 If you got it haunt it
  10. Zipcar | Take a stab at 250 bucks free driving in our pumpkin contest

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